Grow bulbous plants

Bulbs and bulbous plants are certainly one of the most appreciated garden plant categories. Their particular shape and the type of cultivation they require always intrigue many people who approach gardening, while the colors and shapes of flowers fascinate and conquer those who grow these plants even many years after the birth of passion. In order to give everyone a nice and useful contribution in the cultivation of bulbous plants we decided to make these video tutorials that deal completely and comprehensively with the main bulb cultivation techniques. In this video series you will find in addition to a very wide introduction to present the topic in a complete way, many other videos that will explain in detail even very delicate and curious aspects of the cultivation of these plants. The choice of bulbous plants, the winter shelter of the bulbs, the cultivation in pots, the planting in the ground, the irrigation and fertilization are just some of the aspects that you will find deepened in these videos. Thanks to the explanations and real images of real gardeners at work you can better understand the advice given and above all you will be able to see clearly and directly how to carry out and carry out the various cultivation interventions.