Garden furniture

Cherry wood

Types and maintenance

The cherry tree is a tree belonging to the "Rosaceae" family and is widespread throughout the world, especially in America and Europe. There are really many varieties of cherry, but despite this the resulting wood has always the same characteristics. Cherry wood differs, first of all, according to its origin. The American one exists, characterized by a darker color and therefore called "Black Cherry". It is a little lighter than the others, resistant and more available. It is very used for flooring. European cherry wood, on the other hand, is heavier and has higher costs. It is more clear and valuable. Objects made of cherry wood are not particularly demanding in terms of maintenance. In fact, they only require regular cleaning, using a slightly damp microfibre cloth.

Main features

There are several characteristics of cherry wood that contribute greatly to making it the most sought-after material that it is today. First of all, it is perfectly resistant to compressions, bending, twisting and pulling. Then it has a good hardness, in the sense that it does not scratch very easily. Modesta is its durability. This means that it is not particularly suitable for outdoor environments because, if not properly treated, it could be ruined by insects or bad weather. The cherry wood, then, does not absorb humidity because it has a very low porosity and is easily workable. The specific weight of cherry wood is about 600 Kg / mc dry, while it rises to around 800 Kg / mc if fresh. Good attitude to the finishes (especially with era of bees) and to the assembly, always easy and very effective.

Main uses

There are many uses for which cherry wood is used with great success. The furniture is certainly the master. The works to make beds, doors and the most various furnishing accessories are not rare. Generally, everything that can fit into interior carpentry is required. The furniture, however, very rarely is exclusively in cherry wood. Given the not so affordable cost, only the finishes are realized. Toys, musical instruments and floors are made especially with American cherry wood. Also the slats for the barrels are normally made of cherry wood. The residues can be used as firewood. In fact, combustion is excellent. The same amount of heat is produced.

Cherry wood: The price

Just like normally for all types of timber, the price is set exclusively for mc. In doing so, various factors are taken into account, such as the origin of the wood being evaluated, the types, the chosen category. The latter, in fact, provides for a scale of 1 to 4, based on the quality and value of the wood. Finally, the degrees of finish are considered, going to see if they are raw or semi-finished woods. Indicatively, however, it can be affirmed that cherry wood (taken into consideration exclusively the first 2 classes) subjected to artificial drying is between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per cubic meter. It is starting from these bases that the retail prices of the single pieces are established, without forgetting to consider the quality of the raw material.