Active brushcutters

Active brushcutters

Active in the province of Cremona, a company that has become a bit in the buttonhole for lovers of work in green spaces: it is an all-Italian reality operating for 20 years, which has never stopped working for constant research into materials, design and construction of DIY equipment in green. Among the many products available in the catalog, the brushcutters are addressed, through a multiplicity of models, both to private and professional company users, allowing to finish the lawn edges, thin out any kind of foliage, eliminate small shrubs and much more. It is a range of models characterized by great reliability and remarkable lightness, as well as by modern devices in terms of safety, practicality of use, reduction of consumption, reduction of vibrations.

The range of brushcutters

There are four lines of brushcutters that Active makes available to professional customers of admirers: Professional Fixed Pole, Professional Backpack, Professional Multifunctional Evolution and Professional Hybrid. Among the fixed-shaft models, the Brutale 6.5 is certainly the top of the range, thanks to a portentous rod of 30 millimeters in diameter and 2 millimeters thick. It is an ideal tool for heavy-duty applications that require immediate power and ease of use. The diameter goes down gradually with the scaling of the models up to 24 millimeters of 2.5, a trimmer still very valid even for professional use, with reduced dimensions and therefore easy to use. Among the multifunction backpack models, we mention the Brutale again, with an engine of four and a half horses.

The multifunction brushcutters

Active also presents in the catalog a wide choice with regard to multi-function brushcutters: these are flexible and dynamic work tools, which boast very powerful engines combined with the possibility of assembling tools that hinder the operator in a wide range of operations and tasks. Among these, thanks to the Active multifunction brushcutters, it is possible to cut grass, shrubs and creepers or even eliminate small branches, prune hedges and even turn the soil around. All simply by changing the type of accessories and maintaining the same engine block: a system that, among other things, also allows you to save on the initial investment. These brushcutters, built entirely in Italy, boast unparalleled quality and allow them to be used even in particularly harsh conditions, being able to easily assemble and disassemble accessories.

Active brushcutters: hybrid brushcutters

When we talk about hybrid brushcutters, we refer to immensely practical tools, which can be powered by battery rather than through the classic 2 or 4 stroke engine. It is with this in mind that the Active E700 model is inserted, powered by a lithium-polymer battery, just like the most modern mobile phones. These are batteries that easily withstand 1,000 recharge cycles, still guaranteeing 80% of the maximum power supplied: a good saving compared to the internal combustion engine. Using these brushcutters, you spend very few cents a day, not to mention that the power delivered is absolutely comparable to brushcutters with a traditional engine. Electric motors, which work without brushes, also have a practically infinite duration and do not require substantially any type of maintenance.