Petrol hedge trimmer

Petrol hedge trimmer

Petrol hedge trimmers are equipped with an engine that runs on petrol; compared to the electric ones in general they are much more efficient, and d have a powerful motor, which allows perfect cutting even of very large and extended hedges. Clearly if you have only a small hedge in the garden, a few meters long, the use of a hedge trimmer could be superfluous, but if instead you have to take care of a long hedge, with branches of large size, then the aid of a burst pattern will be there. precious. These instruments consist of a motor that moves toothed blades, positioned on a structure a few tens of centimeters long. By passing the hedge trimmer along the ideal shape of the hedge, it is possible to restore the desired shape and size of the shrubs. In addition to pruning a hedge correctly and simply, these tools can also be used for cutting shrubs and creepers.

Motor hedge trimmer

These instruments are equipped with a petrol engine, which runs on petrol; a small tank allows you to use the tool for a few hours. It is important to periodically refuel to allow the engine to run for a long time, so keep a small canister with a few liters of gasoline on hand. The hedge trimmer motor is available in different displacements, so as to allow the blades to work correctly; more powerful models are suitable for professional use, while smaller and less powerful ones are perfect for those who only have a small garden and do not need to use the tool for many hours, or to cut large surfaces. The engine must be regularly checked and maintenance can extend its life; however, internal combustion engines are designed for several hours of continuous operation.

Prices of petrol-cutters

The price of these devices depends on the power of the engine and the size and type of blades. A low-power hedge trimmer with a knife holder bar around 50 cm in length can cost around 100-150 euros; professional products, with a more powerful engine and long blade up to 70-80 cm, can cost around 300-350 euros. Clearly the choice also depends on your needs: for a professional, a long blade and a very powerful motor are essential; but for those who have only a few meters of hedge, to be cut once or twice a year, even a model with inferior characteristics is perfect. The power of the hedge trimmer motor, in addition to further speeding up the cutting operations, makes it possible to tackle even larger branches; if you have small shrubs, a very powerful engine only makes you spend more at the time of purchase, without a real advantage at the time of use.

The use of the hedge trimmer

These tools are used for the regular pruning of shrubs, both along the hedges, and cultivated individually. The presence of many blades, fixed along a bar, allows a regular cut, to be made along an ideal shape. Clearly, correct use guarantees a better cut and longer tool life. It is advisable to avoid excesses: when pruning a hedge it is good to remove successive layers of excess branches, without pretending to regulate the length of the shrubs in a single pass. Therefore, keeping in mind the final dimensions to be obtained, a few centimeters of excess branches are removed, keeping the instrument more or less perpendicular to the hedge itself, in order to try to make clean and not oblique cuts. after cutting it is a good idea to clean the blades before putting the tool away in a sheltered place.