Petrol scarifier

What is aeration?

The aeration is a technique of care of the decidedly effective turf, consists in removing through a special tool, called precisely Scarifier, the layer of plant material, which over time can accumulate above the surface, preventing the humidity from penetrating in depth , and then keep the lawn hydrated. The aerator is passed onto the lawn after having mowed the grass, collecting the excess materials. This also prevents weed growth. In addition to collecting the residues the aerator superficially cuts the soil, to allow nutrients such as water and light to reach the roots in depth, making them stronger over time. There is no better solution for the care of your lawn, it would be ideal to carry out the operation at least twice a year, in order to obtain excellent results.

Honda scarifiers

The Honda aerators are among the best on the market, the result of the experience gained by the Japanese company in the motorcycle and automotive sector. Equipped with the most modern technologies, they are made and designed to last over time. Almost all the models of petrol aerators in the Honda range have an electric starter, thus eliminating the hassle caused by ignition problems with the pull starter motors. They also allow adjustment of the cutting depth of the blades by means of a knob, thus facilitating the tracing operations of the furrows for sowing. Honda is certainly synonymous with efficiency and reliability, and affordable for everyone, with its wide range of machinery for garden care, both professional and for private use. It will be hard to find something more reliable and long lasting.

Electric scarifiers

They are among the most inexpensive on the market, a fairly good model can be found at around 90, against the almost 1000Ђ of a petrol aerator. It can be assumed that the only advantage over a petrol engine model is only the decidedly low price. They are absolutely not suitable for large surfaces (90sqm begin to be so many) also because they are equipped with felt collection basket, but this turns out to be really little capacious for the work to be carried out, it is filled in less than 60sec if the material to be collected is very. They also have the disadvantage that being electric they need current, this therefore involves the encumbrance of the cable for electricity. On surfaces that are particularly "hard", among other things, there is a risk that the small electric motor will not be able to withstand the effort, and that therefore the surface would have to pass more and more times until the optimal result is achieved. They are therefore recommended for fairly small, flat lawns, and with a surface that is not difficult to harvest.

Petrol scarifier: Honda TV610 petrol scarifier

The top of the Honda range for petrol aerators. The TV610 is a professional scarifier, ideal for large surfaces, and suitable for any type of terrain, uneven or not. Equipped with a 160cc 4-stroke petrol engine, a working width of over 50cm. The use of automatic electric starter makes it very convenient and easy to use, as well as the possibility, by operating two special levers, to set the tracing depth of the furrows for sowing, and to raise the pick-up roller. Thus facilitating transport operations even with the engine running. The price is certainly not among the most economical, but the concept of professional use and the guarantee of manufacture / design Honda make it among the best petrol aerators on the world market.