Chicory coffee

The beneficial properties and contraindications of chicory

Chicory has beneficial effects on the stimulation of the nervous and digestive system. It helps to focus and stimulates mental abilities. Contains potassium, calcium and iron and is used as a medicine. It has a bitter taste because it is characterized by cicoric acid and contains vitamins C, B, P, K. It is used in salads, the leaves can be eaten cooked or raw and many people use it to prepare delicious and genuine dishes. The leaves produce a juice that interacts on the digestive system, in fact, in ancient times it was used to treat stomach pain and bowel pain. It is used for the production of beverages such as chicory coffee which has laxative effects. The chicory leaves are dried in the sun or baked and finally ground.

The different brands of chicory coffee

In the bars we find the coffee obtained from the roots of wild chicory. Siko is one of the best brands that belongs to a very important company. Refueling takes place at private and public level. Chicory coffee is sold in small bags containing 250 grams of toasted chicory root. The preparation changes and combines very well with normal coffee, barley, spelled, chicory grains, or is prepared directly in bar machines. The taste is bitter but becomes delicious with the addition of sugar preferably cane. Some people like to taste it several times a day. Accompanied with pastries, this drink is a delicacy for the most refined. A bag costs around 5 euros and the bar is served in the cup at the same cost as ginseng.

The health festival and the various cafés

Oriental disciplines are now known far and wide. Staying well in the tax and in the mind are aspects that all people know and observe. The use of spices and particular plants derives from the oriental cuisine that has always served drinks like coffee, herbal tea and digestive. The Italian cities periodically organize and with the participation of sportsmen and doctors the fairs that highlight the importance of oriental activities, organic products and healthy eating. Different foods and tasty drinks are offered by the most famous experts who teach the incredible effects of oriental medicine. In the stands, among the smells and tastes can not miss the chicory coffee that boasts ancient origins.

Chicory coffee: Past generations have always consumed chicory

Grandparents used chicory during the war. The main cause was the excessive cost of normal coffee and often the difficulty in finding it. The old stories testify that the use was usual and that it was normal to enter a house and find on the stoves the classic kettles that smoked of chicory coffee. The production procedure took little time, if not the right one to make the leaves roast, cut them into small pieces and put them to boil in a pot full of water and wait for a drink to be made to enjoy in company or before going to work. Chicory coffee was used both in the hot and cold seasons. The old recipes were the basis of nutrition. Wild chicory was kept in bags.